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The rationale of the Gardeners HQ site is to provide information on how to grow and care for plants that are frequently growing in the garden.

The site carries general growing guides for over 600 genera of plants, and more specific guides on the more popular garden species of flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

In addition to the 'plant growing guides', which provide information on sowing, locating, and caring for your plants, the GardenersHQ site also carries garden feature articles to help you attract wild-life to your garden, and to add wonderful year-long color to your garden.

Future topics will be aimed at organic gardening, growing plants in containers or small spaces, Square-foot gardening, raised bed gardening, and landscaping.

Why Garden?

There are many reasons for gardening. Some people find it relaxing, some do it for exercise, others are more interested in the results gained from their efforts, such as enjoying beautiful flowers in the garden or eating their delicious home grown vegetables.

Perhaps one of the main reasons that people garden is to feel at one with nature and mother Earth. Surely there are few things more satisfying – other than your own family of course – than sowing a seed, nurturing the seedlings, and watching them turn into a fully-grown, beautiful creation.

Some of the main reasons that people give as to why they garden are:

  1. Healthy food. In these days of mass-produced everything it is no surprise that gardeners like to grow their own fruit, herbs, and vegetables. Not only does it taste so much better when it is freshly picked but you know exactly how it was grown, hopefully avoiding non-organic pesticides as much as possible.
  2. A beautiful garden. Go on I’ll admit it, even us men love beautiful fragrant flowers. By planting the right flowers in your garden or yard, you will be able to bring color to the garden all year long; even in the winter if you use evergreen species such as Daphne, Buxus, Lavender, Fatsia, Camellia, and Euonymus. To me, there can be little as delightful as a Fall flower garden though, the contrast of bright displays along with the wonderful colors produced by senescent leaves makes the garden at its most beautiful.
  3. To be at one with, and bring nature into the garden. In addition to the plants themselves, growing the right plants can help to bring many birds and animals into your garden. You might try to grow butterfly garden plants for instance to bring these beautiful creatures into your garden; a delight for young and old alike.
  4. Exercise and getting yourself outside. There is nothing better than getting a bit of fresh air, and what better way to do it than to spend some time in the garden? Not only will you help to boost your vitamin D levels from the sunlight, but you will also be partaking in both anaerobic and aerobic exercises. You may not think that gardening involves much effort, but gardening typically burns from 300 to 400 calories an hour; especially when you are doing vigorous garden activities such as mowing the lawn or forking/turning over the soil. As long as you do not already have the condition then gardening is also a good osteoporosis preventative measure; of course if you are suffering from this condition then you should ask your doctor for advice before doing any strenuous activities in the garden.
  5. Making and saving money. Nowadays, money does not seem to be as easy to get as it used to. By growing your own fruit and veg, not only will you enjoy better tasting food but you will also save money on prices paid at farmers markets or the supermarkets. If you concentrate on growing crops that you enjoy to eat and that tend to cost more money than commonly grown plants, then you are likely to save even more money (Broccoli, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, and Lettuce are particularly cost effective vegetables to consider). Many people take this a step further, and grow excess vegetables to sell at a farmers market stand themselves or to give to their friends in exchange for other things. Many gardeners also make money by growing flowers in the greenhouse and selling them as seedlings/young plants on a market, or even to a nursery/garden center. You can not only make money by selling plants though! It is estimated that a nicely kept garden can add 10–15% to a price of a property, and make it much easier to sell.
  6. Nothing beats to see that your hard work has been paid off. Gardening is one leisure activity that gives you exercise and satisfaction. Gardening is not a joke, you have to be careful investing in such an activity because it demands patience, time, observation skills, money and passion. Even if that’s the case, many people still have the love to do gardening. I guess they find it relaxing or just enjoying plowing the soil, planting seeds and cutting grass. And the end result would surely be so much worth all the effort that you did.
    It can’t be helped if you feel amazed looking at the ‘fruits’ of your labor, the flowers that bloomed, fruits and vegetables sprouted in each plant made you feel the satisfaction of working. And not only that, you don’t need to go to the grocery to buy food, since you already have grown in your backyard and it is a guarantee that it is all natural and fresh. People would also would take time and stop to admire your garden, since it is a relaxing spot where you are surrounded by the aroma and colors of different flowers.
    So if you want to write about gardens and put them in your blog, just go to! The latest trends in blogging: we know about them!

Featured Vegetable Growing Guide

How to Grow Brussels Sprouts

Growing Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts, scientific name Brassica oleracea, are a hardy, slow-growing, long-season vegetable belonging to the Cabbage family.

Featured How to Grow Garden Flower

How to Grow Geranium sanguineum

Growing Geranium sanguineum

Geranium sanguineum is a perennial that blooms with pink flowers in the summer. It is known by the common names of Bloody cranesbill, Blood-red cranesbill, or Bloody geranium.

Featured Genus Planting Guides

How to Grow Canna

Growing Canna

Canna is a half hardy perennial that is often grown as an half-hardy annual in the garden. It is commonly called Canna Lily or Indian Shot.

Latest Gardening News

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Recomended Garden Plant Growing Guides

The GardenersHQ website is in a state of transiton at the moment, the plant genus pages have been imported from the old plant biology site, but the majority need to be updated with new information and added to the new theme. In the mean time they are still a more than adaquate source of knowledge for growing plants, but they will improve

They can all be navigated from the genus tab of this site, but here are some garden plant growing guides to get you started:

Learn How to Grow Perfect Grapes in Your Garden

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